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Re-homing Re-homing
Puppies are great fun – but don’t forget they have to be trained in every aspect of life from day one. Perhaps you might consider one of the millions of unwanted dogs that are in need of a home. There are many re-homing centres all over the country with literally scores of dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments which have been given up for a whole host of reasons - not necessarily through the fault of the dog (which is what many people assume).
o Was there ever any aggression issues ? o Has it ever bitten anyone or another animal? o Does it have a tendency to growl? If so in what situations. o What are its Likes, dislikes o What is it’s Behaviour around People, children, strangers, other animals. o Reactions to different sounds o Is it OK with travelling in cars o What’s it like walking on lead, o Where did it sleep? what type of bed.
You should then go on to consider Age, Health, Medical issues, Exercise requirements and so on, just as you would if you were getting a new puppy. Although training may not be as intensive as for a puppy, any age dog will have to adjust to a new environment, routine and family. It may need some reminding of toilet training in its new home. They may have habits from their previous homes that you might not like, so don’t assume you are just going to bring them home and they are fully trained to your liking. Consider all of this before you make your decision, to give both you and your re-homed dog the best possible chance for a long and happy relationship, the last thing a re-homed dog needs is to be “ Returned ”............... If you are thinking of Re-Homing, Please take a look at the following sites for further advice http://www.scottishspca.org http://www.rescuescottishpets.co.uk
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Young Or Older Dog ?
If you are considering this, find out as much history as possible. First and foremost - why were they given up? Once you know the reason, you are better equipped to deal with any issues and decide if it will work out in within your lifestyle.
Questions you should be asking , include :