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Puppies Puppies
Who can resist them! soft, cuddly and full of mischief. But they don’t stay puppies forever! And they need a lot of patience and understanding
If you have had a puppy before, you should have an idea what to expect. However if you have never taken care of a puppy, have a look at the following pages to get an idea of what the future with a puppy may hold!
Exploring & Chewing Your puppy will want to explore their new home, so make sure its safe. Before they arrive, go through each room and although it sounds silly - do it on your hands and knees so you are down at their eye level!!. Try and work out what an inquisitive puppy might want to play with or chew on. Then “puppy proof” as many things as you can identify. You might not be able to catch everything but you can at least narrow the net a bit.
They will explore with their mouths and teeth, and anything is fair game; shoes, remote controls, glasses, plugs, wires, furniture. The list is endless. So direct them to specific chew toys, fill up toys such as “kongs” with parts of their daily meals so these become a target for chewing and diverting them away from other items.
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A New Home It’s all quite scary for a puppy to be taken away from its mother and familiar surroundings , so it may take a while for them to settle down and get used to their new home and family. This means they will whine and bark and generally be anxious while they are getting used to their new abode. However it`s only natural ( and expected ) so don’t be surprised - but do help them through it.
Toilet training First and foremost they will need to be taught where they can and cannot go to the toilet. They will not know this automatically - you must teach them. You can not be cross if a puppy does what comes naturally, if they do not yet know the rules, and PLEASE be patient.
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