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Whats For Me.. Whats For Me..
What kind of dog would suit me? There are so many pedigree and cross breeds available incorporating different sizes, temperaments, exercise requirements, grooming needs and so on... but which one . .
First of all decide Why do you want a dog? What activities would you like to do with them? Go jogging? Go for slow ambling walks? To sit on your lap watching TV? For the kids to play with? Is anyone in the house allergic? are there breeds that don’t shed fur? A working dog?
Where should I get a dog from? Dogs are available from many different sources , such as : Registered breeders, re-homing centres, friends whose dogs have had litters, or your vets may know of some recent litters. Avoid obtaining a dog though “a friend of a friend of a friend....” It is unlikely that you will get reliable information about your new puppy this way. And under no circumstances use a Puppy Farm. The main thing to consider is :- If there is any history available about the dog Is it healthy? Were its parents healthy? Does it have any behavioural issues? What medical problems has it had? How was the puppy treated in its early life? How was it socialised? Can you meet its parents? Can you visit it while it is still with its mother and litter-mates? All of these questions are important for any age dog, the more information you have about them the better. Aim to get your dog from someone who can provide you with as many of these answers as possible.
Exercise All dogs need exercise! This should be scheduled into your routine before the dog arrives. Different breeds/sizes and personalities will require different amounts of physical activity. Plan it in advance within your family schedules.
Companionship Dogs really enjoy peoples company so consider whether you are home enough to give your dog the companionship they need. Do you work long hours? If you do is there someone else that your dog can be with? Remember It is a wonderful thing to come home to a dog’s welcome. But they need our company too.
Veterinary Care Don’t wait until your dog is feeling unwell - register your dog at a local vets as soon as you bring them home. Get a full heath check, make sure all vaccinations are up to date and get them micro- chipped - which is now required by law under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
Cost Cost Cost There are the obvious outgoings such as food, bowls, leads, collars, and grooming tools but you should also factor in additional things such as vaccinations, flea & worming treatments. Veterinary bills must be considered, just like us - dogs can get ill, include the cost of insuring your dog into your monthly outgoings, so you are covered for emergency health care. As with any insurance ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT.
Work Commitments Regardless of the age, size or breed of the dog you are homing, they will need to settle in and will need your help. This means you or a member of you household will need to take some time off work so you can devote time to helping your dog settle in. This commitment in the beginning can really pay off in the long term as the two of you can bond and they can learn what they can and cant do and what is expected from them while living in their new home.
All of these activities will point you towards considering different breeds so its important to know why you want one.
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Feeding Feeding schedules are important, the amount and quality of food can have an impact on your dog’s health – so ask your breeder, rescue home or vet for advice. A feeding routine can help predict when your dog will need the toilet, so a fixed schedule can really help speed up toilet training. Make sure you take into account the extra calories that come from training rewards in their daily calorie allowance to avoid any unnecessary weight gain.
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Grooming Different Breeds require different amounts of coat care, so make sure you choose a breed that you are able to cater for. Find a reliable Groomer as soon as possible and get your puppy use to being bathed and handled regularly. I can personally recommend : The DogRoom Culloden Road Balloch IV2 7HQ