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Why Train?
Training is about teaching your dog the skills he needs to live in a human world, like waiting politely, or not taking food that does not belong to him - coming back when you call, patiently letting the vet examine him, or being left by himself. Its our responsibility to help them understand what they can and can not do in a human world - don’t assume they already know.
When should we start? Before your dog even enters your home!! Sit down and discuss house rules before he arrives. This will make it easier for you to plan your training instead of trying to do it as you go. Which might be confusing for you and the dog. Make rules before he arrives so he learns from day one what he can and cant do.
So reward your dog when he does something you want him to repeat - and he will keep doing for you!! Dont reward hm for things you don’t like and he will get bored of doing them.
How long should a training session be? Short frequent sessions throughout the day, making sure they have a suitable rest period between sessions ,to process what they have learnt. When making your plan, think of all the situations your dog is likely to encounter, and train them how to behave in each one. Approach all your training this way and both you and your dog will reap the life long benefits.
Where is the best place to Train? Anywhere and Everywhere!! Every room in the house, the garden the park at the bus stop. Anywhere !
What methods are best? Fun, Friendly Reward based training techniques!