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Behaviour Behaviour
Any action a dog does is a behaviour :Sitting, Wagging its tail, Barking - think of it as; “What the dog is ACTUALLY doing” . Mostly they exhibit behaviours that don’t affect us or animals around them, but occasionally a specific behaviour can disrupt those around them - this is when it becomes a “problem behaviour”. So what does a dog Behaviourist do? By studying how a dog learns, how they communicate using their bodies and knowing how to read their body language in various situations - a dog behaviourist has more of an insight as to how to get to the route of your dogs problems and change them such that both you and your dog are happy. With this knowledge, a behaviourist can look at why a dog is acting in a certain way, and help your dog change its behaviour to one that is compatible with those around him. By meeting you and your dog, looking at the environment, daily routines and situations that your dog may find difficult, we can tailor general interactions with your dog, apply training techniques and environmental changes to help you and your dog live happily together. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are having trouble with how your dog is behaving - either at home or out and about, Dog-Panions is here to work with you and resolve these issue. Make an appointment with us today.