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Hi I’m Shanta Cariese. I have always been passionate about animal welfare, and have shared my life with a dog for as long as I can remember. I Started Dog-Panions, because over the years whilst working with many different species, including zoo, farm and companion animals, I have learnt that the bond we share with dogs is very unique, and is something that we should never take for granted. I started out as a Veterinary Technician, then graduated from University to enter the world of Veterinary Research. But my burning desire to work with dogs changed the course of my life. I studied dog behaviour, body-language and training techniques; so that I can help people connect with and train their dogs in a way which is suitable for both dog and owner.


Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Applied Biology Diploma in Animal Health Technology NOCN in Canine Behaviour, Body Language & Training Techniques National Certificate in Canine First Aid Practical Skills Clicker Training Practical Puppy Instructors Course Professional Animal Training Living Learning and Training with Animals
Dog Whisperer Training and Behaviour inverness
*********************************************************** When we take a dog into our homes, we share every aspect of our lives with them. We expect them to live in our world and by our rules. while leaving most of their natural behaviours behind, and then get frustrated when they want to be a dog. It’s a lot to ask of another species, there are few others who we make these demands of – yet they continually oblige us to the very best of their abilities!
Akita Puppy Dog Whisperer Training and Behaviour inverness Dog Whisperer Training and Behaviour inverness
I am also Very Proud to be the primary volunteer trainer covering the Scottish Highlands for VETERANS WITH DOGS . At VWD , we work with ex-military personnel who have returned from military service with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ).We train their support dogs to gain public access certification in accordance with “Assistance Dogs International”.
Veterans with Dogs at the Royal Highland Military Tattoo

My aim is to help people and dogs live together in harmony.

They are not just Companions,

they are our Dog-Panions.

**************************************************************************** As well as volunteering with VWD, I am also an approved assessor for the ADAA , covering the Highlands The Assistance Dog Assessment Association (ADAA), is a charity that offers people living with disabilities the opportunity to have their assistance dog independently assessed. This allows me to assess dogs who have been trained by their owners, or by a private trainer (other than myself) or trained by organisations not accredited by ADI (Assistance Dogs International) or IGDF (International Guide Dog Federation).
Dog-Panions is here to help people and their dogs when there has been a breakdown in their relationship. Sometimes this can happen when an owner does not realise why the dog is behaving in a certain way. Together we can work out these situations in a way that understands and meets the needs of the dog, while still keeping the owner happy.