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Akitas Akitas
The Akita is a stunning and beautiful breed, found in an infinite range of colours and patterned coats. Originally found in the mountains of their native Japan, they are fast, powerful, smart, and have keen hunting skills. Although they can look a little intimidating with thier solid bodies, if correctly trained and socialised they can make friendly and loyal family pets.
However.... A word of warning, the Akita puppy with its huge paws and teddy bear like face has trapped many a dog lover into taking one into their home without being fully aware that these cute puppies quickly become huge powerful dogs, with males reaching an average weight of 55-60kg and females an average of 45-50kg
If not trained and socialised successfully in their early months a pet owner can very quickly have a real handful of dog in their home and out in the park. If you are interested in homing an Akita, have a look at the following pages to give you a better understanding about the breed and if it’s the right dog for you. The Japanese Akita Welfare Trust (JAWT) Second Chance Akita Rescue
Akita Dog and puppy Training and Behaviour inverness