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There are a number of ways you can help speed up your training and run smoothly: Read your dogs body language they give us so many visual cues to let us know what they need or are feeling Make time to expose your new puppy to as many different experiences as you can, allowing them to absorb the sight, sounds and smells around them. Plan in short frequent sessions,through out the whole day giving your dog a chance to process what has been learnt. Reward grading - Make a list of all your dogs likes and dislikes. Grade each one on a scale of 1-10, where the highest is the one he really loves, and utilise these grade in your training. Rest Make sure your puppy is able to rest without being disturbed as much as he needs to
Make it fun for both of you!! regimented training classes are very dull and difficult, make each training session into a game Be consistent, if you select a word for an instruction - e.g. “DOWN” if you want him off furniture - only ever use this word as the instruction, so there is no confusion Everyone in the household should be involved in training, so he understands how to behave around all the family, and each person is able to instruct him at all times Equipment : Safe, comfortable dog friendly products should be purchased to help your training - such as a good quality lockable collars and training leads of different lengths for different training exercises, as well as indestructible toys, harnesses and so on.
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Most of all - BE PATIENT Dogs do not understand our language, they do not know “right” from “wrong” and they have no concept of financial value, they have no morals, and contrary to popular belief - they do not want to dominate us! Instead they want safety, shelter, food, a mate and freedom. Every action they do or do not do, is based on how the action will affect these issues for them. So think of your training in those terms - how can I make this a good thing for the dog to do? Work with them and help them understand what you want - while giving them what they need - you will get results faster!!
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