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Personality Personality
Intelligent & Independent Akita’s are often described as “stubborn”, I personally see them more as “independent thinkers”! We often accuse our dogs of being stubborn, if they don’t do what we want - when we want it. However, that just means that they don’t necessarily want the same thing as us at the same time - it doesn’t mean their stubborn! Akita’s are more determined than many other breeds to demonstrate their desire not to do something - quite often by just standing still, “if I don’t move - then I don’t have to do it” (I’m sure many Akita owners have been there!).
dor or puppy hunting inverness
Natural Hunters They were primarily used for hunting both large and small prey – including mountain bears, so remember that while they can appear as large lumbering dogs, any small movement will catch the attention of an Akita’s innate desire to hunt – and it will chase down most moving objects – be they a tennis ball or a small furry pet. So you must consider what kind of household you are moving them into. Although some Akita’s may be able to live alongside smaller animals such as cats, if introduced early in their development – it is not guaranteed, and introducing a well-established dog into a home with other smaller pets can be problematic.
dog puppy hunting in field inverness
It is also important that all dogs have somewhere to be left in peace and relax - especially if there are children about. Once the dog has chosen to take some time out - they should not be disturbed, or woken up. In the wild sleeping is a vulnerable - so if woken up suddenly they may think they are in danger and attack. Let sleeping dogs lie... http://www.thebluedog.org/en/
Natural Guard Dogs They have naturally strong guarding instincts for their families and property, which means they DO NOT need extra guard training, or you are likely to create an over zealous guard dog who does not want people to enter your home .This situation can escalate into a territorial or aggression problem, not what you want with a 50kg dog. They are not overly vocal dogs, so if an Akita barks - check out the situation as it is causing your dog concern.
Children This is the same for ANY BREED dog. Most Akita puppies will grow up with children quite happily becoming their natural guardian. But please remember that not all children grow up with dogs - So children visiting your home should be supervised. This is also true of general visitors to your home, Akita’s are naturally suspicious of new people, so always supervise greetings when family and friends arrive – and don’t assume that you can leave new comers alone with them. An accepted visitor in your presence may be viewed as an intruder in your absence.
Akita guard dog protecting home
Loyalty - The Story of Hachi-Ko The Akita’s devotion to its family is epitomised by the true story of Hachi-Ko, owned by Professor Eizabura Ueno in 1923 Japan. Hachi-Ko accompanied his owner to Shibuya station each morning where he caught the train to the Imperial University in Tokyo. Each day he returned to the station to meet his masters train and accompany him on the walk back to their home. Sadly one day in the spring of 1925 the Professor died of a stroke at work, Hachi-Ko waited patiently for him all night, but he did not return. Hachi-Ko was taken in and cared for by the professors’ family some miles away from the station. But he continually went back to his professor’s home and would then make his way to the station and wait patiently for his beloved professor, but each night he would return to the professor’s home alone. His daily trips to the station continued for 10 years, waiting in vain for his professor to return, being cared for and fed by friends of the professor and the station manager, who was happy for him to stay as regular commuters and visitors alike would pet him during their journeys. When Hachi-Ko passed away on March 8th 1935, a bronze statue of him was erected at the train station to honour his memory and the devotion he showed for his master. He became a national hero, and each year the anniversary of his death is marked throughout the country in honour of the loyalty, devotion and intelligence of the Akita dog. The very reasons why this breed makes such a wonderful companion.
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When not on “guard duty” Akitas are incredibly playful fun loving dogs.
dog puppy relaxed with Children dog puppy relaxed with Children dog puppy relaxed with Children
There is also the more unusual “Cork-Screw “ which is usually hidden by a very bushy tail fur.
akita Hacki-Ko loyalty to owner akita Hacki-Ko loyalty to owner statue  dog and puppy playing in inverness river
Tail Types The traditional Akita tail is full furred sitting on the back in a full circle like a “Windmill”.
Water Dogs Its unusual to find an Akita that does not like being in water, they are generally avid swimmers, and were in fact used for hunting fish in their early Japanese history. The problem was that their double coat weighed so much once soaked that it slowed them down! If your walking in the countryside and you hear a stream trickling by - hang on to your Akita!