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Living with and training a dog is a wonderfull thing!

It should be a fun and exciting opportunity for people and their dogs to bond.

Because of this,

Dog-Panions dog training

incorporates friendly reward

based techniques.

Dogs are learning all the time – not just in training sessions!

So the emphasis is on guiding owners on how to develop training techniques

they can use throughout their dogs lifetime.

Dog-Panions is a fully insured training and behavioural consultation service, offering 1 to 1 sessions tailored to the owners and dogs needs, as well as group classes covering INVERNESS and surrounding areas Our site also offers information about taking a dog into your home - this will be especially helpful If you are a new dog owner. You will also find a lot of useful information on the Akita, a breed very close to my heart. Please have a browse through the following pages. They are full of useful information to help you provide the best environment you can for your dog, and if followed can help you build a solid relationship and happy life with your pet. CONTACT US FOR APPOINTMENTS OR FURTHER INFORMATION
Akita Dog Behaviour Training in Inverness

For this, I aim to help owners

understand how their dog

learns, communicates and

interacts with people and

other dogs.

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